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Let me share with you one of the coolest little knives I’ve seen in a long time.

Here’s why I’m so excited about it:

  • It’s only 2 mm thin. So it actually IS as thin as your credit card
  • You only need just a few seconds to transform it from an unassuming card to a fully and perfectly functioning knife
  • This is a surgical steel blade, a stainless steel knife, constructed for durable and rust-free sharpness
  • It has hand protection built right in. Helps you get a solid grip and effectively prevents the blade from slipping
  • There also built-in safety sheath which prevents potential accidents (prevents blade to open in your pocket or pack etc…)
  • It’s water-proof locking mechanism, opens easier and faster than any ordinary penknives – there is no metal hinges that rust etc…

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Guys, this knife is really an invaluable utensil. And in case you’ve been wondering.. this is pure steel and WILL set ANY metal detector, so it is NOT easily smuggled onto airlines. ;)

Grab it today, that’s all I’m gonna say.

*This IS a time-limited offer, so act before this free credit card knife offer expires.