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Let me share a little story with you…

I remember getting my first pocket knife like it was yesterday… and if I can remember anything at my age it’s a good day.

I just turned seven years old and it was a typical Saturday night when my parents went to the local auction house in the neighbouring town.

I would end up slipping away from my parents and run outside to play with the other kids. Before you freak out, times were different back then and I was too young to know how dangerous that was.

As the Saturday night auction got ready to close they would pull out the “grab bags.”

For me this was the highlight of the auction, because you could bid on these mystery grab bags and there’s no telling what you might get.

As luck would have it, my dad got a grab bag with a pocket knife inside.

I still remember my dad opening the bag, pulling out the pocketknife and showing it to me. Tonight my dad had hit the jackpot of all jackpots.

I begged my dad to let me have it and listed out all the ways I would be a responsible seven year old kid with it.

My dad finally gave in and handed it to me without talking to mom about it. My mom told my dad if anything happened to her son she would kill him.

I’m sure this caused some fights later on because for some reason the car ride home was very quiet. I still remember going to bed holding the shiny stainless steel pocket knife made in China.

The blade on this thing was so dull the chance of me cutting myself was slim to none. But it didn’t stop a seven-year-old from thinking he had just won the lottery. I carried that little knife with me everywhere I went.

It was the coolest thing ever.

I would sit on the back porch and daydream that my family would have some unbelievable crisis, and I was the main hero who would save everybody with my pocket knife.

Needless to say nothing ever happened that required me to save them. I remember being upset that I could not carry my knife to kindergarten. To this day I’m really not sure what happened to it. Did I drop it or did my mom decide it was too dangerous for me?

My question to you is what was your first knife?

And would you like one courtesy of me?

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Joe only has a limited supply of them, and I want to make sure you get one before they are gone.

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  1. Joel

    I have to say I like it very much and what a lovely little story.